Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sotaro SV-R by Moto-R Design

We can now present to you. the Sotaro SV-R by Moto-R Design.

A design exercise to create a track focused motorcycle using the basis of an SV650 engine and GSX-R600 front end. It's lighter and smaller then the bike it's based upon and has it's own, unique style. 

This particular one, "the prototype" uses a completely standard engine from a '99 bike with standard exhaust system and an Arrow end can (off a GSX-R600). The front end is all GSX-R600 and the rear shock is off a ZX-10R. This bike has been designed with LED running lights and projector headlight, along with an LED tail light unit, so could be made road legal fairly easily, though our use will only be on track.

If you would like to commission one for your own project, then please get in touch by email. There are already more frames being made on the jig.

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